Executive Over Reach of Your Personal Data?


Charge… That Salem Democrats’ Plan Will Compromise Personal Data

Oregon Voter Registration process is about to change in a big way. No longer will you be required to register. This will be done automatically by the Secretary of State from your DMV records. There are some caveats. Some are asking: Who will be registered to vote? What will happen to my privacy? What if I don’t want to be registered?

What’s the Automatic Voter Registration HB2177 passed House on Feb 20th?

It still must pass the Senate and be signed by the new Governor, who is the former Secretary of State until last week. You won’t be able to opt-out at DMV, instead your data will be sent to the Elections Division. They will notify you that you must opt out in the following 3 weeks or you WILL be added to the voter registration rolls. Your private DMV record information including your signature will become part of the public voter registration record. That is a problem for some people, who do not want to be registered, or have their information on a public database.  In 2014 Rep. Sal Esquivel R-Medford asked new Oregon Director of Elections Jim Williams about the current process of verifying voter ID from the DMV database.

William’s letter in response to Esquivel outlines current practices, but what is troubling to election integrity activists is that though the DMV does send data to Elections Division, the agency only gets the basics: name, address and other demographic data.

Under the current system, there is no confirmation of citizenship required. Noncitizens can slip through the cracks and be registered to vote.

Oregon’s DMV database still includes names that predate 2008 rules-change, which required proof of citizenship before getting a driver’s license. In the early 2000s 80,000 noncitizens registered to vote and got driver’s licenses. They will not cycle out of the DMV system until 2017.

Under President Obama’s Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA), noncitizens, including those living in the state of Oregon, can get a driver’s license .

Automatic Voter Registration Looming

Anyone with a driver’s license can currently register to vote online if they are willing to lie and say they are a US citizen. It’s a felony to do so, but the system will accept the person. They will get a ballot. It will count.

A recent article from Breitbart News Network shows how noncitizens are using false IDs to get driver’s licenses in California. California officials were trying to help non citizens get drivers licenses; instead they were exposing ID theft. It is such a problem that elected officials decided not to criminalize noncitizens for committing ID theft if they only did it to get a driver’s license.

An ongoing nationwide study, the Cooperative Congressional Election Study, revealed that in the election years of 2008 and 2010, enough noncitizens voted to change election outcomes. The authors of that study wrote the Washington Post October 4th, article that details how noncitizens slip through cracks in our electoral system. HB2177’s big change in law: “The Secretary of State shall by rule establish a schedule by which the Department of Transportation shall provide to the secretary electronic records containing the legal name, age, residence and citizenship information for, and the electronic signature of, each person who meets qualifications identified by the secretary by rule.”

That’s executive overreach! Under this bill proposed at the request of the Secretary of State, it is entirely up to the Secretary of State to make the qualifying rules. The rules are not stated in the bill. This shift of power from the Legislative branch to the Executive branch is quite astounding. Secretaries change over time, from elections or as we see currently in Oregon, due to other reasons. While Secretary Brown’s staff testified in committee that only proven citizens would be auto registered, there are no assurances from future Secretaries of their same commitment. Instead though this bill, it is the Secretary’s prerogative to decide by administrative ‘rule’. The administrative rule process is easy to change and is not subject to the legislative approval.

Rep. Carl Wilson R-Grants Pass in the House Rules Committee argued that small counties are already strapped for money to provide basic services and safety for citizens, and opposed HP2177 on the grounds that mandating these changes would be a big problem financially for his county.

Ways and Means Committee members have committed to covering the financial costs of implementation, but Wilson isn’t convinced: “I’ve heard this promise before,” he said. Estimated price tag for initial statewide implementation: $1.5 million.

Executive Over Reach of Your Personal Data?

Republican legislators asked why $1.5 million is being spent to implement an opt-out system in a state that already boasts one of the highest voting participation rates in the country. They referenced two security breaches in 2014 at the Secretary of State’s office, and voiced concerns about jeopardizing the privacy of citizens. When the bill was routed through the Joint Ways and Means Committee and onto the Joint Subcommittee on General Government, the discussion got heated. The bill had not traveled the usual route through the Senate Rules to discuss the policy change.

Senator Doug Whitsett R-Klamath Falls told Co-Chair of General Government: Senator Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward, D-Portland that she would have to call security to remove him when she attempted to limit his questions about HB2177 to strictly fiscal ssues.

Senator Betsy Johnson D-Columbia County noted that she was opposed to the bill and the Democrat leadership used their prerogative to replace her vote with that of Senator Richard Devlin D-Tualatin, who had been added to the committee in order to pass the bill out of General Government Committee.

In response to the sweeping Democrat auto-registration bill, House Republicans advanced four amendments to protect citizens’ rights.

The four GOP amendments presented:

1) Provide citizens with the ability to opt-out of automatic voter registration at the DMV.
2) Apply DMV privacy law to records transferred from the DMV to the Secretary of
3) Required a task force to study IT project failures and security breaches, as well as inter-agency record transfers, before the base measure are implemented.
4) Provide citizens with the ability to opt-in or out of automatic voter registration at the

All four amendments were voted down by the Democrats in the House Rules

The big donkey in the room is the fear that Democrats will use HB2177 to put ballots in the hands of noncitizens and change the outcome of elections.

And here’s the kicker—though not the good kind: Democrats have made sure that HB2177 comes equipped with an Emergency Clause that prevents citizens from ever bringing a referendum on the bill, even though the changes will not take place until Automatic Voter Registration Looming

Citizens are encouraged to call their senators to voice their opinion.

Next up is HB2176, which will allow “Same Day Voter Registration” on Federal offices, which is working its way though the House Rules Committee and it’s not even one month into the legislative session.



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Barack Obama: The Ghost of Columbia University

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Wayne Allyn Root’s book The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide is out now. I just returned from New York, where I attended my 30th Columbia University reunion. I celebrated with my esteemed classmates. Everyone except Barack Obama.

Bill McKee‘s insight:

A mystery that is compounded by the fact that Obama has spent several hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to insure any and all records of classes, financial aid, passport, transcripts, social security record, selective service registration… be sealed and barred to any person, organization, or government entity.  Does the main street media lack curiosity, or do they fear being labeled "racist" for doing what they would surely do if the person lusting after the power of the Presidency were white and/or not a Democrat.  Or is it due to an even more sinister goal?


What we have is a complete merger of a leftist government with it’s media arm, the American "main stream"press… which has become nothing more than a copy of the propoganda system that Joseph Goebills put in place under Adolph Hitler.  There can be no other conclusion to the question. .why is their no interest in learning who Barack Hussein Obama really is?

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Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 504 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.

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By Dan from Squirrel Hill Posted on August 15, 2013. Updated on December 28, 2013. As the author of this blog post, I place it into the public domain. Anyone may freely copy it in any part or in it…

Bill McKee‘s insight:

This is what Obama meant when he said we were in for "fundamental change".  He meant it, and had the army of thugs to get the "change" started.

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IRS charge cards used for pornography, wine, $4,000 in kazoos and more: report

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Report from the Treasury Inspector General for tax administration reveals a host of improper purchases by Internal Revenue Service employees.

Bill McKee‘s insight:

The IRS .. a priveleged “class” that is deemed above the law.. above common decency..and just another group of people dependent upon hard working private sector to support their addictions and entitlement worldview.

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There Obama Goes Again – Larry Kudlow – National Review Online

March 30, 2012 4:00 P.M.

There Obama Goes Again

He hates fossil fuel, and he hates success.

By Larry Kudlow

About Author






Obama talks energy policy in Maljamar, N.M., March 21, 2012.

As Ronald Reagan famously said, “There you go again.”

Of course, Reagan was blaming Jimmy Carter for launching false attacks during a debate. And that line was so effective, it not only helped Reagan win the debate, but a presidential election that would change American history.

But “there you go again” can apply equally to President Obama. Once again this week, the president was out on the campaign trail bashing and oil and gas companies. And he continued to spread major falsehoods about this industry, which I guess is the polite way to put it.

Obama is obsessed with oil and gas. He is a prisoner of the left-wing environmental groups. And really, he’s extending his leftist class-warfare attack from rich people to successful oil and gas producers.

What seems to have Obama especially steamed is the fact that the conventional-energy companies are profitable. Especially the five largest. So he wants to tax them. He then wants to redistribute their income to his favorite green-energy firms. Sound familiar? I don’t know which is more important to the president — the fact that he hates fossil fuel, or the fact that he hates success. Or that he wants an energy-entitlement state.

But here’s what I do know, factually.

Oil companies have an effective corporate tax rate well above 40 percent. And they operate within one of the highest-taxed industries in America. According to the Tax Foundation, for more than 25 years, oil and gas companies have sent more tax dollars to Washington and state capitals than they earned in profits. That’s a fact.

Single-handedly, oil and gas companies finance over 10 percent of non-defense discretionary spending within the U.S. budget. According to the Wall Street Journal, ExxonMobil, the world’s largest energy firm, paid out $59 billion in total U.S. taxes over the five years prior to 2010 while earning only $40.5 billion in domestic profits.

And Obama wants to raise taxes on conventional-energy firms by somewhere between $40 billion and $80 billion? Whatever happened to the supply-side principle that if you tax something more, you get less of it?

But with gasoline prices headed towards $5 a gallon, and with oil prices over $100 a barrel, virtually the whole country outside of the White House wants more oil, more retail gas for the pump, and more energy supplies everywhere in order to bring prices down. Raising taxes won’t do it.

Make no mistake about it: Fossil fuel is going to drive the American economy for decades to come. Green energy is not.

Obama’s other line of attack is that oil companies shouldn’t get any subsidies. They made too much money for that. Well, I’m against oil subsidies. There’s about $90 billion worth in the federal budget. Better to end them, slash corporate tax rates across the board, and let the free market decide energy policy and production.

But on the subject of subsidies, so-called renewable-energy subsidies (think Solyndra) are 49-times greater than fossil-fuel subsidies, according to studies by the Congressional Research Service. And the Congressional Budget Office says renewable green energy received 68 percent of energy-related tax preferences in fiscal year 2011, while fossil fuels got only 15 percent. Additionally, oil, natural gas, and coal received 64 cents per megawatt hour in subsidies, while wind power alone received $56.29 per megawatt hour. That’s 100-times what fossil fuels got.

By the way, the so-called subsidies that Obama is talking about are really depreciation write-offs for investment. Oil companies get a 6 percent deduction from income. Most manufacturing industries get 9 percent. And every company in the economy is eligible for faster investment write-offs.

Frankly, the most pro-growth corporate-tax policy would be 100 percent cash-expensing for new investment, a slashed corporate tax rate, and no more subsidies, preferences, and carve-outs. That would be an unbelievable job-creator.

But President Obama is too busy spewing falsehoods to support his ideological agenda than to take account of the facts. And while he’s at it, one of the greatest, pro-growth revolutions ever is taking place right under his nose. It’s the oil and gas shale miracle, which if left unfettered will turn America and Canada into an energy-independent New Middle East inside of ten years.

In fact, the collapse of natural-gas prices brought on by this revolution could become one of the biggest tax cuts for the economy in history, making all our industries vastly more competitive, revolutionizing transportation, and providing more consumer real income at home.

Obama should quit the demagoguery, stop bashing oil and gas, stop taxing success, and let our ingenious, creative, free-enterprise private economy spur America to a new generation of prosperity.

– Larry Kudlow, NRO’s economics editor, is host of CNBC’s The Kudlow Report and author of the daily web log, Kudlow’s Money Politic$.

The far left continues to villify success.. and fund crony insider deals with so called “green” fantasy enterprises with taxpayer money. Government has proven over and over that it should NOT be propping up industries. It’s futile, wasteful, corrupt, and exists only to line the pockets of the “insider” groups that owe special favors in return for the government class “largesse”. Solyndra like “investments” cannot make the point more clear that government is NOT a good steward of taxpayer money.. on so many levels.

VICTORIA TAFT: Cash for Cronies IV: PSU Goes From Verdant Oasis to Cabrini Green


Portland State University.. deemed to require radical new “Urban Redevlopment District”? Urban Renewal is a favorite Crony Government Public/Private partnership system… A real favorite with the Progressive crowd in Portland. What can’t make sense in the private sector, makes perfect sense when government becomes a partner and uses other people’s money to finance bizarre schemes. Click to read more. This is just another abuse of power and influence that has turned Portland into a cesspool of special interests that dine on the carcass of taxpayers held ransom by a local government that prides itself as a model for insider fueled crony capitalism.