With Health Care, “Free” Isn’t Free | Free Enterprise


More propoganda being generated by the White House.. declaring health care is now free! But the Governmental Accounting Office says costs are now more than double the “projected” costs the administration claimed they would be. So this is the new cost of FREE.. Twice the cost after just a few months.

Liberal Left has a history of perverting the meaning of words, but this effort to mislead and blatantly lie is very disturbing. People we have entrusted to make decisions are complete ideologues who will do and say anything to move their agenda.. with honesty and Truthfulness being the first casualty. What’s next?

Fired NPR CEO: Media Establishment ‘Terrified’ of Being Next Sting Target

Fired NPR CEO Vivian Schilling went on to admit that the rest of the establishment is “terrified” of being the next NPR, Planned Parenthood or ACORN…and speculated that the goal of these stings is to instill fear. “It’s terrifying,” Schiller said, that’s their “objective.”

Terrified? Hmmm. Now you know what it’s like to be in the Tea Party and listening to NPR, Ms. Schiller. Or worse, to be Israel.

Very curious. Why would anyone be afraid to be caught doing what they naturally do in the course of a work day? The only explanation that I can think of has to do with the nature of their “work”.. If candid examples of their true points of view and hidden prejudices are strikingly different than their “public” cantations, then I suppose they would be horrified to be “found out”. So sorry.