Sellwood Bridge Carpet Baggers

It’s clear who is behind the effort to extort money from Clackamas County residents for the repair of a Multnomah County Bridge… Mostly, it’s Unions- and companies who stand to profit from the project, and/or from the light rail project which is REALLY what this effort is all about.  By the way, most of those who are raising money to try to ram this down Clackamas County resident’s throats.. don’t reside in Clackamas County.  Imagine that.

Let’s examine who wants to take money from the pockets of Clackamas County residents…

The pro-Vehicle Registration Fee PAC goes by the name Clackamas County Citizens for Jobs and Safety. Interesting.. note how few are actually from Clackamas County.  If deception is involved from the very beginning, don’t you think you should look deeper into the actual reasons why we see this “Carpet Bagger” approach is being pressed upon us?  These outside interests happen to also influence the Clackamas County commissioners with “strings attached” campaign contributions.  These same commissioners had hoped to avoid a vote on this outrageous tax on Clackamas County residents in order to bail out fiscal mismanagement by Multnomah county by simply passing a fee designed by a State legislature last year with a super majority democrat house and senate.  The fix for extracting more money from Clackamas County was planned well in advance.  They didn’t expect county residents to go to the trouble of saying enough is enough.

To date, this Multmomah County based PAC has raised about $25,500 $68,000 $100,000+ (as of 5/10/11)  in cash to support the campaign for the proposed Clackamas county registration fee.   The fifteen largest donors account for 95% of those donations ($24,250).

Q.  Care to guess how many of those fifteen donors were actually from Clackamas County?

A. Two.

Here’s how the donors rank from top to bottom:

1.  Oregon AFSCME                                         $5,000  (Union PAC, Salem)
2.  CH2M Hill                                                    $2,500  (Engineering firm, Portland)
3.  Jeff Cogen                                                 $2,500  (Mult. Co. Commissioner PAC, Portland)
4.  T.Y Lin Int’l                                                 $2,500  (Engineering firm, Beaverton)
5.  CenterCal Properties, LLC                           $2,500  (Developer, Tigard)
6.  Oregonians to Maintain Comm Standards     $2,500  (Trade Union Pac, Portland)
7.  Harper, Houf, Peterson & Righellis                $1,250  (Engineering firm, Portland)
8.  NW Oregon Labor Council                            $1000  (Union PAC, Portland)
9.  Michelle Giguere                                          $1000  (federal lobbyist, Portland)
10. HDR Engineering                                         $1000  (Engineering firm, Portland)
11. OTAK Inc.                                                  $1000  (Architects, Lake Oswego)
12. Brenden Barnicle                                         $500  (financial analyst, Portland)
13. James Bernard                                            $500  (Clackamas County Commissioner)
14. Int’l Longshoreman and Warehouse Union     $250  (Portland)
15. Hatch Mott MacDonald                                 $250  (Consulting Engineers,  New Jersey)  

Here is another way to rank the top fifteen:

1.  51% Portland donors     
2.  20% Salem donor        
3.  10% Beaverton donor   
4.  10% Tigard donor         
5.    6% Clackamas donors 

Or another way:

1. 36%  Union donors
2. 35%  Engineers/architect firms
3. 12%  Politicians
4. 10%  Developer
5.   4%  Federal transportation lobbyist

Funny that a PAC that purports to speak for Clackamas County Citizens doesn’t draw much support from them. Probably shouldn’t surprise anyone though, since the PAC itself is located in another county.

Committee Information
Name: Clackamas County Citizens for Jobs and Safety ID: 14912
Statement Effective From: 01/11/2011 to present Filing Type: Original

Director Name
Effective From Effective To Address Phone Occupation / Employer

Joe Esmonde


01/11/2011 Present 15937 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR 97230
Business agent/Political director
IBEW 48, Portland, OR