Union-Controlled NLRB Approves Union Thuggery in Union Elections | RedState


The National Labor Relations Board has become a tool of the Marxist’s who prowl the Obama Administration. We have allowed our Capital to be occupied by a foreign foe. Read the latest effort to impose thug union tactics and corruption on our society by Obama Marxist appointees.

We must rid our government of this cancer.

Union Myths – Thomas Sowell – Townhall Conservative


“Employee Free Choice Act”? What’s so free about this farcical fiction?

This is Union speak… This proposed law would require that secret balloting is a no-no. Union workers collect signatures from workers until the Union has enough votes to win the ballot and require all workers to pay the union for “representation”. You know, the way the mafia works the protection racket.

Hmm. Since the Union thug knows how you vote, do you suppose their might be just a teeny weeny bit of intimidation and/or payback if you dare “vote” the wrong way? Hmmmm.

This is corruption – Chicago Style. There is NO place for this in the rest of America.. Let’s keep it that way. click on the image to read the full story.

» Unions Storm Madison, Break Windows: Capital in Chaos

Unions Storm Madison, Break Windows: Capital in Chaos



From Big Government correspondent on the scene:

We have almost completely lost control of the Capitol building. We now only control the 3rd and 4th floors.

Teachers Unions are sending out robo calls and emails to all their members, asking them to get to the capitol NOW. We know this as a fact.

Democrat Senators are opening windows and letting protesters in. Door’s have been ripped off their hinges.

Next 6-8 hours will determine who controls the capitol. If we lose control, the assembly can’t meet tomorrow.

Quasi-military forces are the only option to win back control of building. They are very close to being called in.

Law enforcement are leaking legislators whereabouts to protesters. No one is safe.

Today they escorted State Senators across the street via an underground tunnel. It’s top secret, but protesters were waiting for them.

National Guard may be called in….plans have been set. We are running out of options.

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Obama’s “community organizers” hope to use thuggery to force law abiding citizens into submission in Wisconsin.

Remember this day…

Gov. Walker: Obama Should Fix His Own Budget Crisis


Now this guy is showing the character that all of our Governors should. Obama is more like a Union Cheerleader. Obama’s decisions, policies, and anti America stance on almost all issues reveals his intentions to do all he can to create something that looks like Marxism at all levels of government.. as fast as he can.

Wisconsin protestors chasing GOP Senator

Communist and Public Unions doing their best to impose mob democracy using the standard Alinsky intimidation tactics and gross intimidation…

This is America?

This is the America we want to take control?

These are treacherous people who care nothing about our Republic.

Hundreds of Wisconsin Cops Take Sides With Leftist Protesters Inside Capitol Building | The Blaze

Well isn’t he interesting. He’s decided it’s HIS job to not only pack a gun as he should, being a policeman, but not stopping at that, he now is encouraging thugs to use force against the lawfully elected Governor and interfering with the peoples business.  How did he jump from being policeman to judge, jury, executioner, legislator.. and Public Union flunky as soon as his shift was over?

Fire him now… he cannot uphold the trust he was formerly entrusted with. This is exactly why public employee unions are a gigantic mistake.