The Growing Threat of Socialism

Tune in to the I Spy Radio Show Saturday, 4/21/2012  11a.m.-noon (West Coast time).

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Guest: Trevor Loudon, Investigative Journalist and author of Barack Obama and the Enemies Within.   NewZeal Blog

This week: Trevor Loudon, investigative journalist from New Zealand, has been touring the US to warn people about the very real threat of socialists and communists and how they’ve managed to quietly influence and infiltrate society and politics right here in America. It’s been a short 23 years since the Berlin Wall, but it feels as if we’ve become complacent about communism and socialism almost as if they don’t seem to be the threat they once did. But socialist have been steadily and increasingly growing in power right here in America. If you’re over the age of 30 but that somehow sounds like conspiracy theory or fiction—it shouldn’t. Tomorrow, we’ll ask Trevor about socialism, why it’s a threat, and how it spreads. We go in depth with him about issues he doesn’t usually bring up in his presentations. You’ll hear why socialists target healthcare and the environment—and firsthand stories about living in New Zealand under fully socialized medicine. We talk about Russia and even some predictions of what Obama may do in order to try and win his second term presidency. Have you heard our very popular “I Spy Minute,” aired weekdays at 10:00 a.m. during KYKN’s peak listenership?

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