The troubling past and frightening future of jihad


Youssef is worthy of your full attention. Militant Islam is coming for you.. you will be forced under the sword to submit- History is clear… followers of this ideology have murdered, raped, pillaged, burned, and enslaved wherever they go. And now, our government is embracing this ideology through the infiltration of our political “class”.. the same stealth Jihad used over and over in country after country. It’s time to work to oust all those politicians who embrace, encourage, or tolerate any element of Sharia.

NPR Muslim Brotherhood Investigation Part I- Undercover Video

Elitism? No, it couldn’t be… Candid viewpoint of NPR- Says TEA party members are “uneducated”, “racist”. This is a revealing and accurate expose of the

Ouch… the truth comes out..

NPR-which receives millions in taxpayer funding. They want to do what they can to support Sharia. What do you think.. Does NPR reflect the sort of values and attitudes that bring America together? The Truth is, NPR is a far left organization designed to help fundamentally transform (Marxist speak) America.

‘Shariah: The Threat to America’ – By Andrew C. McCarthy – The Corner – National Review Online

‘Shariah: The Threat to America’

That’s the name of a report I’ve been working on for several months, along with a team of national security experts led by Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy (CSP), former CIA Director Jim Woolsey, Generals Jerry Boykin and Ed Soyster, Claremont’s Brian Kennedy, and serveral other notables. The idea was to try to replicate the “Team B” of a generation ago, which questioned U.S. policy regarding the Soviet Union (particularly detente). It’s far from a perfect analogy — for one thing, we were not invited by the government to render a second opinion and consequently were not given access to classified information. But that’s not much of a hurdle. As I’ve argued in The Grand Jihad and Willful Blindness, the information Americans need to know is ready to hand — the problem is that people in the ruling class choose not to deal with it. 

The report is now available at the CSP website, here. It’s about 180 pages long, but it starts with an executive summary, prefaced by an introduction I wrote with Director Woolsey and Gen. Soyster. (We turned the intro into an essay, published Wednesday by the Washington Times – as noted in the NRO web briefing). The ”Team B – II” report is also being published in segments at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Peace site. Frank just did his radio show (“Secure Freedom Radio”) on the report, featuring interviews with Gen. Boykin, me, and a couple of other members of the team, my friends Diana West and Steve Coughlin.

At a press conference on Capitol Hill yesterday afternoon, we presented the report to three members of the House who have been stalwarts on the challenge posed by Islamist ideology, Trent Franks (R., AZ), Pete Hoekstra (R., MI) and Michele Bachmann (R., MN). You can find coverage at Fox, CBN, and by Connie Hair at Human Events.

Comprehensive, authoritative report – follow links.