An Open Letter to the Workers and Families of Wisconsin


A Must read…

Fitzgerald’s description of the problems in Wisconsin mirror the dire situation in Oregon.. and many other states. We have allowed Statism to blossom-believing that we can have something for nothing. Well, it’s time to grow up. Mature and conservative ideals made this country the land of milk and honey. But we took our eye off the ball.. we allowed the growth of entitlements of all sorts to creep into our system. So much so that now we’re faced with enormous debt, inflation, a plunging dollar, and efforts by big labor to stick a fork into every tax payer in the nation. It’s time to take sides.

Vote Conservative before you’re living hand to mouth and dependent upon a government bureaucrat for food, lodging and healthcare. Marxism.. it’s all about creating dependent class and then dictating all manner of thought, behavior and much, much more.