UN Human Rights Commission.. Lusted over by Islamic States

This Englishman has firsthand experience with the tentacles of radical Islam. The effort by Islamic states to subdue and stop all discussion of worldwide examples of evil doing should wake up every freedom loving individual everywhere. The intolerant cannot tolerate truth telling.. and hope to use the cover of the UN to impose severe penalties for anyone accused of reporting observations of beastly behavior by Muslims anywhere. Nothing new really- after all, this has been policy for hundreds of years among those populations who have been tormented by Sharia “law”.

What is “Unsustainable”?

UNEP Global Biodiversity Assessment Report

What does the UN spend our money on?

Unsustainable.. a code word for the effort to use the environment as the segue to instituting control of America via world counts and one world government..

Here’s an example: UNEP Global Biodiversity Assessment Report
A primer for unwinding modern technology and efficiencies. Radical effort to dramatically reduce American standard of living- and stop the possibility of rising standard of living in developing countries.

Yeah.. your taxes underwrite these loons, too. They would not exist if it weren’t for our taxes.. or if we had politicians with enough common sense to defund all contributions to the anti American organization: The United Nations.