Common Core: Behind Closed Doors

Does it concern you that a Communist and documented racist is held in high esteem by the “Common Core” resource center that Oregon School Teachers are sent in order to learn how to “fundamentally change” the viewpoint of our nation’s youth? They hide behind the euphemism, “Common Core”.

This is a screen shot of the website that Oregon Government School teachers are sent.. in order to learn how to implement “Common Core” upon our young, malleable and impressionable students.  Make no mistake, “school” is nothing like it was 30 years ago… Government “School” today is a very important political tool, used to manipulate young people to embrace the worldview shared by the leftists who now run government schools all across the nation. Many in the upper echelon of government school administration freely admit to sharing Mandella’s political views.. and they despise traditional American values and sensibilities.


Common Core embraces idea of Mandella

So, why does the Common Core “resource” site embed Nelson Mandela at the top of it’s intro page?  They could select anyone from anywhere. .but they chose Nelson Mandela?

Mandeala embraces racism and Communism.  Fits right in with the Common Core program’s political effort.   Read this article, written by Mandela himself, “How To Be a Good Communist” :  Mandella’s own words.

And what about Arne Duncan… head of Fed Dept of Education?  Here is what Huffington Post tells us.. Weather Underground terrorist, Bill Ayer’s claims Duncan is “Soulmate” to Obama’s vision for fundamental change: Arne Duncan

Oregon Teachers (summer of 2013) are told to get ready for Common Core.. here is a copy of the email being sent out….

K-12 School Network

Resources for Educators

Implementing Common Core: Free Workbook

Dear Educator,

We thought this was a great resource and wanted to pass it along. Use this workbook from Achieve and the U.S. Education Delivery Institute to help guide the Common Core implementation process at your school.

Here’s what’s inside:

  1. Introduction
  2. Review System Capacity
  3. Organize To Implement: The Basics
  4. Organize To Implement: Getting the Message Out
  5. Take Action: Implementation Action I, Align Instructional Materials to the Common Core State Standards
  6. Take Action: Implementation Action II, Train Educators on the Common Core State Standards and Related Assessments
  7. Take Action: Implementation Action III, Transition Technology and Assessment System
  8. Take Action: Implementation Action IV, Transition Accountability and Data Reporting System
  9. Take Action: Implementation Action V, Align Teacher Preparation, Evaluation and Licensing (Anticipated)
  10. Take Action: Implementation Action VI, Inform Student Transitions to Higher Education
  11. Put It All Together: Establish Routines To Monitor Performance and Solve Problems

Find the full workbook on our website, here..

Naturally, the program designers will try to discredit anyone who dares pull back the curtain.  That, too, is a time honored tactic of the left.  NEA, the “National Education Association” (the teachers union) has been a long proponent of leftist dogma.  On their national website, they suggest all teachers read and implement the ideas written by Saul Alinsky in his guide book,  “Rules for Radicals”.  From the very beginning, Alinsky was retained by the teachers Union to “organize”.. and now you know the true foundation of Nationalized Education in America.  You are more aware than 95% of Americans. Learn more:  Alinsky and the NEA

Compilation of some videos that discuss the problem in more detail:

Common Core – An Examination

Children, Teachers, and Monopoly Labor Unions…

American student scholastic performance, as compared to the rest of the world, has been declining for 4 decades. Today, the USA is second among all countries in spending per student.

In fact, spending on “education” has mushroomed! Skyrocketed! Exploded!

Now, in the real world, decades of increased spending by an organization has a reason. We expect the investment to pay off. And if it doesn’t, we re-evaluate our goals, procedures, expectations and personnel who are charged with getting the job done. The education establishment resists all of that, especially since the monopoly labor unions have taken over the monopolistic “public education” industry. The labor unions reward mediocrity and give lip service to real innovation- innovation that is deemed to be a threat to union perceived interests.

Since monopoly labor unions have gained control (National Education Association), assuring mediocrity has trumped the old fashioned idea that we should reward our best performers. American education (specifically the public school system) has become a social “re-engineering” cess pool where academic excellence has become secondary to leftist social/political indoctrination. When American students performance is compared to students from around the world, the results are clear- our students are failing..badly. American schools have become over run by leftists, overpowered by leftist union organizers (ala Saul Aliinsky) and left to do there deeds on our next generation due to a passive and uncaring generation of parents who have been “dumbed down” themselves by this system for at least two generation now.

Read this report for details concerning the decline of American education

Here is a particularly telling observation from someone who knows a bit about the problem..

from “The Blaze”:

A recently “outed” teacher union manual is just another example of the mountain of evidence supporting the fact that monopoly labor unions are denying our childern the education they deserve, considering the enormous tax burden we have applied to this industry.

Revealed: Michigan Union Manual Instructs Teachers on How to Use Children as ‘Propaganda

Posted on January 24, 2012 at 4:03pm by Becket Adams

“For more than two years, the Michigan Education Association [MEA] has had a manual that urges its members to use students as propaganda in contract negotiations and also lays out how to organize strikes,” writes Tome Gantert of Michigan Capitol Confidential.

Considering the fact that teacher strikes are illegal in Michigan, some may find it odd that the MEA has been encouraging this sort of behavior. In fact, the MEA has done a lot more than just “encourage” potentially illegal activity. As Gantert reports, the organization produced an anonymously written 28-page manual titled, “Building Full Capacity Locals — Crisis Planning, It’s Never Too Early…”

While much of the rhetoric in this “crisis planning” handbook is unsettling (”The worst time to plan for a crisis is when you are in the middle of one, so crisis planning should commence at the same time that planning for actual bargaining begins”), perhaps the most disturbing moment occurs when one section appears to quote almost verbatim Saul Alinksy’s “Rules For Radicals.

Alinsky instructs his followers to “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Likewise, the MEA manual instructs teachers to “Pick a target—personalize—and polarize the opposition [pg. 17].” And those are just the verbatim quotes; the entire manual is a handbook for creating, managing, and profiting from crises. (Actually, Rules For Radicals” is one of the few books sold and featured on the NEA union website.)

Representatives of the MEA were unavailable for comment when The Blaze contacted them for more information.

“What’s really troubling about this publication isn’t what’s inside, it’s right there on the cover. This organization has decided it is above the law that has empowered them so much in so many other ways,” said Paul Kersey, director of labor policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, according to the Michigan Capitol Confidential article.

“We have given them the authority to represent employees who individually may not support them, and to collect dues and agency fees from them and have them fired if they refuse. But the union does not feel it is bound by the law’s prohibition of government strikes,” he said.

The manual states that the “MEA…supports and defends its members who engage in a strike,” which, again, is illegal in Michigan.

But if an out-and-out strike isn’t your thing, don’t worry! With a variety of passive aggressive protest methods, the manual has you covered. One of the passive methods suggested by the MEA is “Work-To-Rule” actions where employees refuse to do anything outside of what is included in their contract.

“Understand that a local is limited only by its collective imagination when it comes to specific work-to-rule actions,” the manual states. “If you carefully examine your contract you will probably find a number of work-to-rule opportunities. Keep in mind, however, that you don’t want to violate the contract or past practice; you want to adhere to it … exactly!”

And of course, what union protest would be complete without the exploitation of children in the bargaining process?

“In terms of a bargaining message, the public responds most positively when we talk about children, quality in the classroom and the future,” the MEA manual states. “There may come a time when it’s appropriate to talk about money and benefits, but lay the groundwork first.

The manual even suggests one slogan that it claims has worked for other locals: “It’s not about dollars and cents; it’s about our children.”

See the Entire Manual Here.

More articles concerning teachers, unions, and education.



» Segel: The Waste Named ‘Department of Education’ Commentary

You can read every word of the United States Constitution with a magnifying glass and you still will not find “education” written into its text. From the birth of our nation onward, education was a state, local or family matter. The federal government made a feeble attempt to centralize it with an education department in 1867, but it was quickly converted to an education office the following year. For the next century it remained untouched until President Jimmy Carter, in an attempt to woo National Education Association votes, proposed the Department of Education in 1979. A Democrat controlled Congress, which did not truly support the idea, passed it into law so the President would not be embarrassed.

Initially the stated purpose of the agency was to establish policy for the administration of government assistance and to enforce federal education laws. However, the department’s stated mission is to “promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.” To accomplish those tasks it was first given 4,000 employees and a little more than $14 billion as a budget. At the time the agency was formed, America ranked at the top of the world in educational quality.

Now, just a little over three decades later we can boast that we still are among the world leaders in educational spending. Our lead ends with that assertion. Today countries such as South Korea and Japan lead in educational accomplishment. In ranking among the 35 most educated nations, the United States can only boast #25 in math scores, #21 in science scores and #21 in percentage of graduates.

At the same time we can see the Department of Education has grown from the smallest of governmental agencies to one that has inserted its activities across at least 39 different federal agencies with more than 760 education related programs, costing the American taxpayers $120 billion a year. These are not even part of its annual budget of almost $71 billion.

For more than 200 years the United States functioned very well without a Department of Education. For purely political reasons and to improve union strength the agency was formed. Now billions of dollars later, we are further behind the educational curve than ever. We have an agency that has proven it can do nothing to improve education for our children and one, which most members of Congress will admit, is involved in a multitude of activities that have nothing to do with advancing education.

If we had kept education at the local level state and local government would have been more involved in every aspect of our programs. Parents would have become more involved in reform efforts. Differences in the programs of other states and other communities would have been noted and good practices found in one locale would have been applied in another. As the system is today distant government bureaucrats make the decisions and parental control is only superficial. The ideas put in place by Washington D.C. grow with every passing year and most of them have done nothing to improve test scores or graduation rates.

We really need no other authority to abolish the Department of Education. There is nothing constitutional about its existence. Though it offers up a mantra about creating uniformity among the states, it can also be argued that very idea is harmful to advancing improvement or seeking out greater knowledge.

From the political side of the coin it can also be argued that members of Congress do not have the ability to improve the level of education in the classroom, and they should instead be spending their time dealing with problems that are legitimately within their mandate.

We should strongly urge the elimination of the Department of Education now. If it keeps growing, as has been its trend for three decades, it will only consume more and more taxpayer dollars that produce little or no results. Most of us believe mom and dad can spend those education dollars in a much more productive way.

An accurate assessment to the results of turning over “education” to an elitist Government class consumed by far left political indoctrination and opposed to critical thinking and long held American exceptional ism.

Homosexuals Brainwashing Public School Children.

If it’s not carving up the marble walls at the State Capital, or issuing death threats against legislators who suggest teachers should contribute 15% of the premium for their health insurance… they are making a concerted effort to mainstream deviant behavior.. forcing children to accept deviancy as the new normal. The silencing of “normal” is pathetic and foundational to Marxist efforts to do away with morality and the nuclear family (for those who care, you should read the Communist Manifesto to confirm this fact).

NEA at it again – Tax Exempt Labor Union Uses General Funds For Taxable Campaigning

Landmark Legal files demand with IRA, claims the NEA labor union tried to avoid paying taxes on general funds used for campaigning.. which is illegal for “tax exempt” organizations.  The IRS has intevened several times in the past.. the NEA is apparantley determined to receive money from taxpayers, but avoid paying taxes which are due per the statute.

Education NEAComplaintMarch2011

The Truth about the NEA- Government Teachers Union

The NEA stands for.. well, I’ll let the former President of the Union tell you in his own words.

The lust for POWER is the single most important struggle for the NEA. The Union is far left in all matters social and political- They want nothing to do with allowing educational choices. This is a huge money tree that they have carved out for themselves and they fully intend to shake it for all it’s worth. Saul Alinsky is one of the founding organizers of the NEA.. and his tactics, political persuasion, and lust for power is quite evident. No doubt the NEA is the single most influential reasons our educational system has declined so far, so fast.

at 3.33 into the video he get’s to his main point..

Alinsky references of note:…

U.S. teachers tell U.N. sex is a ‘spectrum’

The NEA is out of control.   Perversion training is job #1 now in the new Obama educational system.  Your tax dollars are being channeled towards a policy that aims to redefine abnormal and deviant.  The full on assault on the nuclear family is “game on”.  Marx and Engels wrote that for Marxism to succeed, they must destroy the strong ties that exist in the traditional nuclear family.  And that is exactly the aim of America’s NEA. By discrediting one man, one woman marriage and the value and importance of monogamy, and instead begin to indoctrinate sex as a completely self indulgent exercise in hedonism, without the inconvenience of marriage and any form of sexual fetish or practice is “normal”.. the NEA is guaranteeing a generation of narcisistic, self indulgent and morally confused people.. their moral standards shreded to pieces by the brain washing, incessant demands that we must destroy what has proven to work for thousands of years.. in exchange for lives of empty, self absorbtion and shallow relationships.  Isn’t it time to step in and tell Obama’s minions to stop with the Marxist death march?

An advocate for explicit sex education who is attached to the National Education Association has told a hearing at the United Nations that mandatory classes need to teach orgasm, oral sex and masturbation to students in order to free them from the “binary” definition provided by “religion.”

The comments by Diane Schneider were reported by Lauren Funk of the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute.

They came at a recent meeting of the U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women, where Schneider said “oral sex, masturbation, and orgasms need to be taught in education.”

And mandatory comprehensive sex education is “the only way to combat heterosexism and gender conformity,” she told the panel meeting to discuss how to combat homophobia and transphobia.

Read “The Harsh Truth About Public Schools”

“We must make these issues a part of every middle and high school student’s agenda,” C-FAM reported her saying, because those who oppose the promotion of homosexuality are “stuck in a binary box that religion and family create.”

At Atlas Shrugs there was a call for action in response to the advocacy for explicit sex education.

(Story continues below)






“Looks like a class action suit would have to be filed immediately on behalf of all parents for child abuse, sexual molestation, trauma and sexual abuse against the federal government, the teachers union, the city and any other sick pervert who had a hand in this. The decaying left, a pox on America’s soul,” reported the blog.

“The NEA, the teachers unions, the public school curriculum, all irretrievably broken.”

C-FAM reported a Belgian panelist at the same event spoke of the need for government requirements when teaching about “anti-discrimination.”

The “positive, pro-LGBT policies in Belgian schools are a direct consequence of liberal and open-minded legislation in Belgium,” he said.

“Two things to note here,” said the Atlas Shrugs commentary by Pamela Geller. “One, the NEA thinks sex education in America needs to be ‘more ‘inclusive,” because kids just aren’t being indoctrinated enough, and two, choice is for abortion. These kids need to be forced to sit in this class.

“This is stuff the NEA thinks students in grades 6-9 need to be forced to attend. Apparently, learning about oral sex will help them be less homophobic, or something,” the commentary said.

Although the NEA website didn’t include documentation of Schneider’s work, confirmation of her NEA role was documented in several places, including a program for the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network’s event in Hudson Valley, New York, where she was listed as offering a workshop under the National Training Program on Safety, Bias, and GLBT Issues, “a program of the National Education Association.”

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